Copperbeech Osteopathic Clinic

The clinic offers patients friendly and free advice on their condition and the most suitable therapy for them, either osteopathy or medical referral, where required.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths use gentle techniques to restore normal movement to the spine and joints of the body and soft tissues connecting them. Many different osteopathic techniques can be used to treat any area of the body. There are some similarities between osteopaths and chiropractors in the manipulative techniques they use, but osteopaths use gentler applications of these to attain their results.

Training involves five years medical and osteopathic studies culminating in a Bsc degree and doctorate of osteopathy.

Osteopaths can treat the following conditions:

Back pain



Neck pain



Frozen shoulder

Joint stiffness

And many more…

Knee pain


Types of Osteopathy on offer

Copperbeech Osteopathy - Treatments

Structural Osteopathy

This therapeutic approach to the practice of medicine uses all the usual forms of orthodox medical therapy and diagnosis, but places greater emphasis on the whole patient and the relationship of the spine, organs and musculoskeletal system than is undertaken with orthodox medicine.

Osteopathic physicians recognise and correct structural problems using manipulation, soft tissue techniques, exercises and relaxation to treat the cause of a patients presenting complaint not just the symptoms.

Copperbeech Osteopathy - Treatments

Cranial Osteopathy

This form of osteopathy is the most gentle of all holistic therapies and is most successful in the treatment of babies and young children, and can treat conditions such as colic, glue ear, disturbed sleep, digestive problems, unexplained crying and many other conditions.

Adults can also be helped with neck pain, migraine, headaches, whiplash, digestive problems, sinusitis and many other conditions that the medical profession could overlook or feel to be too minor for medication.

Copperbeech Osteopathy - Treatments

Sports Injuries

Over recent years there have been dramatic changes in the world of sports medicine. Specialised medical fields such as orthopaedics, nutrition, osteopathy, exercise physiology and biomechanics and electrotherapy have all become integrated into the treatment of the modern athlete.

In the past this high level of expertise was only available to Olympic and professional sports people, but Copperbeech Osteopathic Clinic makes these specialties available to all patients.