Initial Consultation

Copperbeech Osteopathic Clinic

What to expect when visiting an Osteopath

Initial consultation

The initial consultation and treatment lasts approximately 1 hour. If further treatments are required John will discuss his findings with the patient and explain why he feels they may require further visits or a referral. John also offers advice on exercises and ways of avoiding recurrences of the presenting complaint.

Diagnosis and treatment

Clear explanation of what they find and discuss a treatment plan.

Treatment is hands-on and involves skilled manipulation of the spine and joints and massage of soft tissue.

Subsequent Treatments

Subsequent treatments are 30 minutes, but patients can request subsequent sessions of 1 hour if they feel they have several problems requiring treatment or simply enjoy the chance to relax and unwind a little longer. It is requested that you give advanced notice to the clinic when booking these appointments.

Useful information


Initial consultation and treatment: £65

Subsequent treatments: £55

Double appointment: (1 hour): £75


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Contact details

Telephone : 01784 4457364

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